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Upper Corsica, quintessential nature

Bordered on the east by the Tyrrhenian Sea and to the west by the Mediterranean, northern Corsica is an unspoilt paradise of traditional crafts and exceptional sites.

The wild beauty of this peninsula, home to small idyllic coves and crystal-clear waters, is a must for nature lovers. Take the spectacular coastal road marked by the scents of immortelle flowers and myrtle to admire the towering rock formations shaped by the sea. Enter inland for a hike or go horseback riding in the bush and stop to refresh in the shade of olive trees. Venture out in a boat to the Scandola Nature Reserve, concealing mysterious caves over which osprey hover. Explore the amazing black beach of the village of Nonza or visit the Agriates Desert. In Balagne, explore the narrow streets of the fortified town of Calvi, supposed legendary birthplace of Christopher Columbus, before visiting the charming villages of Lumio, L'Ile Rousse, and Saint Florent. At the tip of Cap Corse, in the village of Centuri, you can crack open a lobster and try to make out what you see of the Italian coast on a clear day. For a city break, let yourself be charmed by the colourful streets of Bastia, replete with designer, luxury, and fashion boutiques, as well as concept stores that attract people from around the island. Northern Corsica is worth a visit at any time of year. Throughout the seasons, events such as the Italian Film Festival of Bastia, the Lama Film Festival, Porto Latino Music Festival in Saint-Florent, the 'Cap Sur le Rire Festival' (Comedy Festival) in Brando, and the renowned Calvi on the Rocks electronic and rock music festival, punctuate the island's cultural life. Discover, as well, the region's rich religious heritage by visiting chapels and churches in villages and attending traditional processions. Northern Corsica is an ideal destination to visit as a couple for a relaxing weekend, in family for a few days of sports expedition in the midst of nature, or between friends to simply enjoy a week, fully immersed in the island's life.

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