Business - Flights in Europe and North Africa

Advantages of our Business cabin

Want to travel more efficiently? Do you want to enjoy a fine dining experience during your trip? We created our Business offer to make sure you have a pleasant trip full of exclusive services!

Don't forget…


The Business fare allows you to bring two checked baggage items, as well as two hand baggage items and an accessory.

Travel with total freedom!

Choose the Business Flex fare! You'll get a refundable and changeable ticket, before or after departure, and if the price of the new ticket is higher, the fare readjustment will be applied at no extra charge. And on the day of your trip, you can take an earlier or later flight than planned (subject to availability) at no extra charge.

* Only our Airbus aircraft A319, A320 and A321 are equipped with leather seats. ** On all aircraft in the Airbus fleet. *** On flights longer than 2.5 hours.