Taking elegance to new heights

Elegance is a journey

Every day, Air France celebrates the French art of living, making each trip an experience in itself. A know-how that takes elegance and refinement to new heights... the little touches and that "je ne sais quoi" so characteristic of France. This is our ambition and the spirit of our new brand film. Welcome aboard.

An ever-evolving know-how

Radiating French excellence around the world, our stellar know-how is devoted to your service. Menus concocted by starred chefs, lounges designed by renowned designers and architects, uniforms created by the greatest couturiers...elegance, par excellence.

A woman eating a pastry

Placing you in the center of the world, everywhere in the world

It is more than just know-how for Air France. It is also a way of life that accompanies with pure elegance. At every moment, it is the little things that make great journeys.

Women in the Eiffel Tower

Participate in responsible travel

Air France is accelerating its environmental transition and launching Air France ACT, a program of committed to concrete actions, including a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometer by 2030*. Elegance also means rethinking our line of work for more responsible travel. *or -12% of our total CO2 emissions compared to 2019.

Woman running in the streets of Paris

An hymn to elegance

Let yourself be transported by the iconic world of Michel Legrand's "Les Moulins de Mon Cœur" performed by French artist Juliette Armanet. More than just a cover, this new version, both sweet and powerful, is a true embodiment of French elegance.

Eiffel Tower piercing through clouds

From behind the scenes to the top

Go behind the scenes of the Air France film, shot exclusively in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, and dive into the heart of the most iconic and emblematic French monument in the world: the Eiffel Tower.

Woman watching