Saint Maarten
27°C Sept

The cosmopolitan island

Two countries on the same island with two different atmospheres: on the one hand, France and its gentle and calm lifestyle. On the other, the exuberance and nocturnal madness of the Netherlands. Going to Saint Martin is an incredible experience back-dropped by white sandy beaches.

The least that can be said about Saint Martin is that it is unusual. With an area of 87 sqkm, it welcomes no fewer than 120 different nationalities and shares its territory between two countries. Dual citizenship for such a small territory, the smallest inhabited island divided between two nations, is the strange paradox for an island whose only real assets are the whiteness of its beaches and the clearness of its waters.

On one side, there is Saint-Martin, an overseas community belonging to France. On the other, Sint Maarten, an autonomous state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The two coexist on the same island, surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, but both territories have their own government, laws, health system, and electrical system. Two diametrically opposed atmospheres, one ring road. A few kilometres down the road, a sign announces that we have entered into Holland. No border guard, nor need for passports to cross: European populations circulate without restrictions, right in the middle of the Caribbean.

Sometimes Dutch, sometimes French, Saint-Martin is primarily international. Frequented by an American clientele attracted by its climate and lagoons, the island has kept its Creole charm despite its booming tourism trade. On the French side, gorgeous pockets of nature make this region the tiny pearl of the West Indies, where you will get to explore the wooden houses of Cul-de-Sac, the hiking trails of Pic Paradis, French Caribbean cuisine and, best of all, the vast beaches: a paradise for enjoying all your favourite sports, from horseriding to snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, deep-sea fishing and more. On the Dutch side, meanwhile, English is the dominant tongue and the island is transformed: there are more people, more noise, and more hustle and bustle. The architecture is different too, and the buildings are bigger. Low-cost shops with bright displays fill the streets, catering to the tourist trade and offering big discounts on watches, jewellery, high-tech equipment and photographs. It is a must for shopping lovers... Welcome to Saint Martin!

Weather trends

Sept light rain showers 27°C
Oct white clouds 27°C
Nov white clouds 26°C
Dec white clouds 26°C
Jan white clouds 25°C
Feb white clouds 25°C
Mar white clouds 25°C
Apr white clouds 25°C
May white clouds 26°C
Jun white clouds 27°C
Jul white clouds 27°C
Aug white clouds 27°C